Repairs and Modifications

I'm lucky that there have been no real problems so far with my van, apart from a couple of items which could affect any vehicle.

The handbrake on mine had been adjusted a little too tight, which meant that every time I went over a bump the rear brakes applied for a fraction of a second (disconcerting!). Having had the same problem on a previous Citroen (ZX Estate, same floorpan & running gear) I knew what the problem was; the handbrake cables were too tight causing them to pull on when the suspension compressed. I backed off the handbrake adjuster a few turns (remove the plastic handbrake cover, 4 torx screws, and the adjuster is at the rear of the handbrake lever) and it is now fine.

The charging lead on mine came with a continental round pin plug with a 'travel adapter'. Not the most reliable connection as it would fall out of the mains socket at the slightest touch, and got a little warm! The continental plug is easily replaced with a standard 13A UK plug.

I was used to remote central locking in my previous vehicles so missed this facility, especially when carrying kit, so I fitted an aftermarket Central Locking kit.
I can now lock or unlock the rear doors or driver's door with the key and the central locking locks/unlocks all the doors.
I intend to supplement this with a remote alarm kit when I find the time to fit it!


What I would really like to do, as modifications, are:

1.    Build, or get hold of, a diagnostic tool to initiate the maintenance charge and read error codes.

2.    Hack the charging system to allow partial charging whilst driving (3.6kw BioDiesel generator in the back) to extend the range.

3.    Find a towbar to fit! The standard ISO Berlingo towbars will not fit as the rear battery pack is in the way.

4.    Monitor individual cell voltages, either with LEDs or software driven (for Palm or Pocket PC) to keep an eye out for rogue cells.

5.    Replace the batteries with later technology to give better range; eg. LiIon.




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