My Berlingo Electrique

I was lucky enough to beat other bidders on Ebay to win this immaculate 5 year old Berlingo Electrique.
It had been leased to Scottish Water, had done just over 20,000 miles and was in excellent condition with virtually unmarked  paintwork (inside and out), and mechanically sound.
It was located in Glasgow so I had it transported to my home in West Yorkshire as it would have taken several recharge stops to drive that distance!

When it arrived I was pleased to see that it was in such good condition as I had bought it unseen. It 'purred' off the transporter, having been fully charged by the seller, and I spent the first hour zooming up and down our drive (all of 60 yards or so!), impressing myself by the amount of torque available from a standing start.

I bought it with the intention of converting it into an 'estate car' (see Conversion) so that it could double as a local family vehicle as well as a work van.

What is it used for?
I use the Electrique mainly for work. I am a self-employed Computer Consultant and travel to customers to advise, tutor, pick up and deliver kit etc. Most of my customers are within 15 miles and usually the maximum distance I travel in one day is 30 miles or so, with most days less than 20-30 miles. This means that some days I don't have to recharge at all.
It is also used for much of the general running about - shopping, visiting etc. rather than using one of our 'fossil fuelled' vehicles.



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