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These manuals are in pdf format. 

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Berlingo Electrique Brochure  2.1Mb

Berlingo Electrique Owners Handbook  (Full manual)  24Mb!!

   Extracts from the Handbook (if you don't want to download the full manual)
            Auxiliary battery   0.2Mb
            Traction battery cooling   0.2Mb
            Charging   1.1Mb
            Driving   2.2Mb
            Fuses & bulbs   1.6Mb
            Heater   0.8Mb
            Instrument Panel   1.2Mb
            Tyres   0.4Mb
            Under bonnet   0.6Mb

Battery Maintenance Schedule   0.4Mb

Radio Manual   2.4Mb

(Thanks to Geoff Proven  & Steve Thayne for the loan of the above publications)


Berlingo Electrique Technical Details (Suisse/French)

The Berlingo Electrique is originally fitted with low maintenance Saft Nickel Cadmium STM MR-MRE Monoblock Cells.

Saft STM Battery Technology

Saft Technical Manual for the STM Batteries

Saft Water Filling Station


The Berlingo Electrique has a Webasto petrol fuelled 'Thermo Top S' for cab heating.

Webasto Thermo Top S
(Thanks to Ian for finding this)


I'm still not sure what charger Citroen have fitted, but it could be made by Brusa as they make chargers specifically for the Saft cells.

Brusa website


I have scans of the Citroen Saxo Electricite workshop manual (in French!) which, I understand, uses parts in common with the Berlingo Electrique.
The total size is nearly 30Mb, but you can download individual sections here:

SaxoElecIntroduction1   0.6Mb
SaxoElectricite2    4.4Mb
SaxoDiagnostique3    4.4Mb
SaxoSchemElec4    2Mb
SaxoMoteur5    1.4Mb
SaxoSchemElec5a    5.7Mb
SaxoSchemElec5b   3.8Mb
SaxoTransmission6    0.3Mb
SaxoMiseEnSecurite7    0.3Mb
SaxoFreins8    0.3Mb
SaxoSuspensionDirection9    0.8Mb
SaxoEquipement10    0.6Mb
FormCom106elec    2Mb
SaxoStructureFin   0.6Mb

(Many thanks to Philippe and his EV site & forum for the Saxo documents. Philippe's site can be found by clicking here)
(Also, thanks to Philippe for corrections in other sections of my site  :o)

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