The cab is heated from a Webasto 5kw petrol fired heater which heats water in a circulatory system which is similar to a 'normal' car heating system. It takes a few minutes though, for any heat to come through the vents.
The small heater fuel tank (10 litres I think) is filled through the van's normal filler cap.

The heater is fired up by pushing a button on the dashboard. At standstill you can hear the heater fire up, and sometimes smell the petrol fumes! (Not quite Zero Emission then!)
The heater controls are the same as the standard Berlingo with a 4 speed fan, temperature control etc.
When you switch the heater 'ignition' off, the heater will run for another couple of minutes to cool down. It is actually quite a sophisticated piece of kit (see the Webasto manuals) and produces plenty of heat once up to temperature.














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